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This 4 Volume Set has been called encyclopedic in nature. by Peter Daniels. According to Tim Porter, (founder of God’s Business Revolution) this series is “literally a graduate level success manual for every business leader. Every Christian business owner should own this book as a daily reference guide, and it should be a textbook at every God-fearing business school.”

It’s the culmination of over 40 years study and application in the sales and business arena. This is not the result of an inspired idea to churn out a quick book. Several have referred to it as my “magnum opus”. That’s because I held nothing back. There is more value in this 4 book series than you will find in 100 typical self-help / business books.

Because it is reference series, you can literally start reading at any point in any of the books. Just find a topic that is of interest and/or speaks to a need you have and begin there. No need to start in chapter 1 if what you need most is a sales process found in Book 3, Chapter 6.

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Book One – Taking Back The Gates of Commerce: Book 1 introduces spiritual laws and foundational truths to help you succeed in the marketplace without having to work crazy hours or compromise your values. It taps into the realm of the supernatural where faith and grace collide to produce amazing, even miraculous results.

You will be equipped and motivated to lead in the gates or power centers of your city. You’ll learn how to live by faith and produce more than all the striving in the world could ever do. That’s because living by faith was never meant to make my life scarier or harder… It is supposed to make life easier.

It’s been said that “when you want success more than your next breath, then you will succeed.” But success in life was never meant to be a relentless striving or desperate pursuit. This book will show you how to work and the speed of peace and success in all areas of life.


Chapter 1.                   Taking Back the Gates of Commerce

Chapter 2.                   First Things First

Chapter 3.                   Walk with God – A Game-Changing Strategy

Chapter 4.                   The Bible: God’s Instruction Book for Life and Business

Chapter 5.                   Thinking the Thoughts of God

Chapter 6.                   How to Defeat the Giants in Your life

Chapter 7.                   The Coming Wealth Transfer – Not Quite What You Think

Chapter 8.                   The Generosity Factor

Chapter 9.                   Discover the Genius in You

Chapter 10.                 How Freshly Poured Wax Can Save Your Business

Chapter 11.                 The Power of Now

Chapter 12.                 Godly Indignation: Rocket Fuel for Your Business

Chapter 13.                 Destroying the Yoke with Prosperity

Chapter 14.                 The Necessity of Desire

Chapter 15.                 Hesitation – The Killer of Dreams

Chapter 16.                 The Power of Understanding: How to Get it & Why it Matters

Chapter 17.                 Mercy and Truth – The Unfair Advantage

Chapter 18.                 Imagination: The GOD CARD

Chapter 19.                 Problems are Your Provision

Chapter 20.                 The Bigger Your Problem, The Bigger Your Opportunity

Chapter 21.                 The Lies We Believe Are What Hold Us Back

Chapter 22.                 Seven Wealth Building Secrets of Isaac

Chapter 23.                 Faith That Actually Works

Chapter 24.                 All Things Are Possible, or Was Jesus Just Kidding?

Chapter 25.                 You Only Think You’ve Been Trusting God

Chapter 26.                 Never Give Up – Taking Back What’s Been Stolen

Chapter 27.                 Miracle Restoration

Chapter 28.                 Nice Guys Can (And Should) Finish First

Chapter 29.                 The Mustard Seed Fallacy

Chapter 30.                 Finding Abundance Right Under Your Nose

Chapter 31.                 The Rule of Three for More Effective Communication

Book 2 – The Divine Blueprint: The bible contains an ancient blueprint for success in life. It’s a vivid, detailed description of an actual place in Heaven that God dictated to Moses so he could create a replica on earth.

This blueprint is so powerful in its substance and reveals how life can be lived on three different levels. The first being the natural level where you can achieve excellence and great results by following natural laws. The second level is where you find God’s wisdom, embedded in His Word, that lays out detailed models that can be emulated in business.

Whether it’s the Negotiating Secrets of the Apostle Paul, the Presentation Strategies of the Apostle Peter, the Communication Secrets of Jesus, the Moses Questioning Strategy or more, book 2 in the God’s Best Kept Secrets series unfolds amazing strategies that have been proven highly effective in the marketplace.

Level 3 is the realm of the supernatural, where faith and grace collide to produce miraculous results.

BOOK TWO CONTENTS – THE DIVINE BLUEPRINT (Biblical Models for Succeeding in Sales & Business)

Chapter 1.                   The Moses Questioning Strategy

Chapter 2.                   Negotiating Secrets of the Apostle Paul

Chapter 3.                   Presentation Strategies of the Apostle Peter

Chapter 4.                   God’s Divine Blueprint for Success in Life & Business

Chapter 5.                   Seven Marketing Secrets Discovered in the Scroll of Isaiah

Chapter 6.                   God’s Success Formula

Chapter 7.                   The Great Business Commission

Chapter 8.                   The Three Step Persuasion Process Jesus Promised

Chapter 9.                   How to Change Your Life Forever

Chapter 10.                 High Probability Selling (Parable of the Sower)

Chapter 11.                 Selling Among Wolves

Chapter 12.                 Sixteen Qualifications for Corporate Leadership

Chapter 13.                 Gaining Market Domination

Chapter 14.                 Three Battles Every Leader Must Win

Chapter 15.                 Communication Secrets of Jesus – Know Your Stuff

Chapter 16.                 Communication Secrets of Jesus – Identity Shifting

Chapter 17.                 Communication Secrets of Jesus – Word Pictures & Illustrations

Chapter 18.                 Communication Secrets of Jesus – The Power of Story

Chapter 19.                 Communication Secrets of Jesus – Speak With Authority

Chapter 20.                 Communication Secrets of Jesus – 4 Ways to Establish Credibility

Chapter 21.                 Communication Secrets of Jesus – Be Substantive

Chapter 22.                 Communication Secrets of Jesus – Passion, Mystery, Contrast

Book 3 – The Race is Not to the Swift: You’ve heard the term “rat race” before. It’s where everyone is running their heart out to make a buck, get ahead, and maybe even strike it rich. Well, Solomon teaches some pretty amazing wealth building secrets, but he also points out that the race isn’t always to the fastest person. The battle isn’t always to the strongest. The bread isn’t always the portion of the wise, neither are riches always the reward of those with understanding. Although favor typically leans toward skill, even that is not guaranteed.

That’s because there is an incredible, little known game changer found buried in the Hebrew text of the Bible nearly 10,000 times, but almost never translated. That game changer points out that perfectly timed, divinely orchestrated events happen. By recognizing and cooperating with them, there is great success with relatively little effort and no stress is required.

BOOK THREE CONTENTS – THE RACE IS NOT TO THE SWIFT  (Unlocking the Mystery of Perfectly Timed,Divinely Orchestrated Happenings)

Chapter 1.                   The Race Is Not to The Swift

Chapter 2.                   Good Luck Favors the Prepared

Chapter 3.                   The Ultimate Shortcut – Discovering The “et” of God

Chapter 4.                   Timing Trumps Everything

Chapter 5.                   Outshine Your Competition – 17 High-End Service Strategies

Chapter 6.                   Belief and the E.A.S.Y. Close Sales Process

Chapter 7.                   Make Your Value Proposition So Compelling, People Will…

Chapter 8.                   A Winning Formula for Creating Unbeatable Offers

Chapter 9.                   Binding the Strongman of False & Limiting Beliefs Increases

Chapter 10.                 The Proper Use of Bonuses and Guarantees

Chapter 11.                 The Ephesian Model to Win Over Your Market

Chapter 12.                 The W.A.S.P. Memory Method

Chapter 13.                 Gaining High Resolution Clarity for Accelerated Growth

Chapter 14.                 Vision Gives Pain a Purpose

Chapter 15.                 Lead with Speed

Chapter 16.                 Leverage Through Others

Chapter 17.                 Top Ten Reasons Businesses Fail

Chapter 18.                 How Incremental Improvements Bring Monumental Increase

Chapter 19.                 Seven Laws of Multiplication – PROFITABILITY

Chapter 20.                 Seven Laws of Multiplication – VELOCITY

Chapter 21.                 Seven Laws of Multiplication – FREQUENCY

Chapter 22.                 Seven Laws of Multiplication – SCALABILITY

Chapter 23.                 Seven Laws of Multiplication – FEASIBILITY

Chapter 24.                Seven Laws of Multiplication – PROBABILITY

Chapter 25.                 Seven Laws of Multiplication – LEVERAGABILITY

Chapter 26.                 Twelve Secrets for Developing a Winning Mindset

Book 4: The Perfect Business Model: This book unsheathes the hidden wisdom God built into His creation and applies it to business. How I discovered it and what you will learn will astound you. If you love God, are intrigued by science, and enjoy business, you’ll love Section Four.

When 7 conditions exist, trees have a virtually 100% success rate (compared to about 5% for startup businesses). They produce a product on a schedule following precise and consistent practices which can be emulated by business. Due to their near perfect success rate, it makes sense to study the processes that make them so successful.

The Apostle Paul tells us that the since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are madeeven His eternal power and Godhead.” In fact, 1 Kings 4 says that the kings of the earth sent their emissaries to hear Solomon’s wisdom because he understood this truth and became fabulously wealthy. In addition to his teaching on living creatures, he also taught extensively about trees which are in fact, God’s perfect business model. Discover what the patriarchs of old, understood.

BOOK FOUR – The PERFECT BUSINESS MODEL  (7 Natural Laws that Guarantee Success!)

Chapter 1:                God’s Perfect Business Model

Chapter 2:                Seven Success Secrets of a Tree

Chapter 3.                Everything Starts with a Seed

Chapter 4.                Seven Success Indicators for Startups

Chapter 5.                Four Indicators for Picking the Right Market

Chapter 6.                Three Primary Nutrients Every Startup Must Have

Chapter 7.                Three Secondary Nutrients for Building a Sustainable Business

Chapter 8.                Micronutrients for Maximum Success – God is in the Details

Chapter 9.                Business Runs on Water

Chapter 10.              Connect to the Power of Light

Chapter 11.              The Warmth Factor – How Intensity Moves the Needle

Chapter 12.              Problems Are your Provision CO2

Chapter 13.              Seven Success Habits of Trees Every Business Needs to Emulate

Chapter 14.              The Only Two Things That Can Kill Your Business

Chapter 15.              The Hidden Cost of Pests Can Sink You

Chapter 16.              Seven Natural Strategies to Maximize Productivity

Chapter 17.              Defeating the Pathogens That Defeat You

Chapter 18.              Flower Power – How to Make Your Offer Irresistible

Chapter 19.              Seven Laws of Natural Marketing

Chapter 20.              The Seven Phases of Growth

Chapter 21.              Seven Roles Every Business Must Fill

Chapter 22.              Brazil Nut Effect – How to Profit Without Cash


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